Thursday, 17 August 2017


Okay, boys and girls, I know that I have been shilly-shallying about on this subject for a couple of years, but I am very happy to be able to announce that our web TV show – On The Track – is back!

Why have we chosen this particular time? For the first time in seventeen years, the middle of August will not be seeing a Weird Weekend. This is mostly because of my own health problems, and the fact that I am just too old and too decrepit to deal with such things. However, it has left a cryptozoologically shaped hole in my life, and so I decided that it was about time to bring back something that I’ve always enjoyed, but that I didn’t always have time to do.

I have also decided that, in a vain attempt to try to appeal to the Patreon generation but mostly because I enjoy the technical challenge, the production values are higher than they used to be and the show features more different segments, and although it will remain as silly, and hopefully as entertaining as ever, we are upping the content level of both Hard Science and High Strangeness.

I am co-presenting this show with the irrepressible Charlotte Phillipson, and while we are talking about young guns within the CFZ, we will also be featuring regular reports from Colin Schneider from Ohio, host of the Crypto Kid radio show on WCJV Digital Broadcasting, every Monday at 8pm EST.

Watch this space, and prepare to hold on to your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Tasmanian wolf expedition
  • Thylacine hoaxes
  • Giant Tiger quall
  • Weird weekend hiatus
  • Corinna and the Water shrew
  • What happened to the insectivores?
  • The beast of Bladenboro
  • Watcher of the skies
  • NEW AND REDISCOVERED: New grass snake
  • NEW AND REDISCOVERED: New frog in Andes
  • NEW AND REDISCOVERED: New subspecies of snow leopard
  • Patreon campaign
Presented by Jon Downes and Charlotte Phillipson

Richard Freeman, Colin Schneider, Dr Max Blake, Grenville Batty, David Bowie, Alan Dearling, Chloe Gray, Corinna Downes, Mother

Original music by Jon Downes
Edited by Jon Downes, Charlotte Phillipson and Graham Inglis
Camera: Jon Downes, Charlotte Phillipson, Corinna Downes, Julia Quinn, Alan Dearling and Graham Inglis


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