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Dean Ford / This Scottish Heart - CD Review

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With the name Dean Ford , or more precisely Thomas McAleese , you will certainly not be able to do so much right away. But when the band The Marmalade are mentioned, many will certainly be wide awake. Sure, that was this great pop band, which existed from 1966 to 1974 and had a big hit with "Reflections Of My Life". Ford was the co-author of the song and also a lead band member. Unfortunately born on September 5, 1946 Scot bored no longer with us, because with the end of last year, precisely on December 31, 2018, he died . But he was just able to experience the release of this double CD, "This Scottish Heart".
Yes, he had a Scottish heart, the musician born in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. But he recorded the songs in the tea kitchen of his vacation home in Van Nuys, California. Only "Glasgow Road" and "Reflections Of My Life" were created in a studio.
Ford has a long musical history, ranging from a local jazz ensemble to The Tonebeats when he was thirteen, and The Monarchs to The Gaylords , ultimately Dean Ford And The Gaylords and then The Marmalade , which I'm in The sixties loved "Lovin 'Things", "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" and finally "Reflections Of My Life" and "Rainbow" for their hits.
"This Scottish Heart" is only the second solo release of the musician. He has gathered thirty songs and he shows himself to be an accomplished songwriter. The Spartan musical implementation radiates much emotion and warmth. Thematically, the two CDs are divided. While Ford reflects on the first, so to speak, his life, the second CD is firmly located in the home - in Scotland - with stories from his life and the history of Scotland.
Musically, we hear a successful delicately accented mix of folk, pop, soft rock and a little country, the Scottish CD with occasional Celtic nuances. Yes, one already notices the self-work, the sound, which one notes, that it was recorded under simple conditions. But producer Dan Matovina has shown a fine hand by putting the protagonist in a good light. And so, the most important aspect of the music is the emotional, everything is believable and honest, and you can certainly ignore one or the other unfinished-sounding place gallantly. The great warmth and tranquility radiates deep into the soul. Melancholy, beauty, also read in all texts, that often results in touching moments that just do good.
In this respect, the two plates have many highlights, which can then be individually designed from the perspective of listeners. I feel so that my heart rises a little more at the second Silberling with this beautiful homage to Scotland. Ultimately, Dean Ford has managed to create a moving obituary on his life with this double album, without knowing it at the time: wonderful "Reflections Of His Life"!

Line up Dean Ford:

Dean Williams (bass guitar - cd 2, # 13) Dave Williams (bass guitar - cd 2, # 13) Cameron Gair (bagpipes - cd 2, # Dean Williams ( 
bass, organ, acoustic guitars - cd 2, # 1,13) 1)

Tracklist "This Scottish Heart":

CD 1:
  1. A New Day
  2. Little man
  3. Running Out Of Time
  4. Natasha
  5. The Blue Angel
  6. Butterflies In June
  7. Until The Day I Die
  8. I got you
  9. God Is
  10. Precious little boy
  11. Merry Go Round
  12. Cowboy Joe
  13. Restless Heart
  14. He's An Angel
  15. Left My Heart In Mexico
  16. When Will It End
  17. Dreamland
CD 2:
  1. Glasgow Road
  2. This Scottish Heart
  3. Glasgow Night
  4. Bonnie Mary
  5. Made In Scotland
  6. A Song For Mary
  7. Nineteen Fifty Three
  8. Daddy
  9. Buddy, Roy And Dion
  10. Blue horizon
  11. Callander
  12. For McDougall
  13. Reflections Of My Life
Total playing time: 66:19 (CD 1), 46:45 (CD 2), release year: 2018

This Scottish Heart
DCD - £10.99

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