Saturday, 29 June 2019

On The Track (of Unknown Animals) Ep. 104 (mystery corpses, new shark, animal rescue, etc)

Here we have the twenty-third  episode of the relaunched webTV show by the Centre for Fortean Zoology, written and presented by Jon Downes and Charlotte Phillipson (who returned to the fold after doing her exams), their families and other animals. 

This episode contains:

• The triumphant return of Charlotte
• Wally is obsequious
• Another Montauk Monster?
• The original Montauk Monster
• Charlotte gets the giggles
• Another weird "carcass"
• Patreon and Jon's Dad
• Iranian mystery animal
• Desert dwarves
• Jon pretends to be Roger Daltrey 
• Corinna shoots him down in flames
• Rescuing fieldmice 
• Mother's Birthday
• A shrew in a shoe
• Wildlife Gardening
• Cultural appropriation
• Eris and ancient Troy
• Palmate newt adventures
• Graham takes Jon to task
• Watcher of the skies...with comedy results
• New and rediscovered:  
     - New and rediscovered: Rediscovered agama
     - New and rediscovered: New pipefish
     - New and rediscovered: New shark
     - New and rediscovered: Novataxa
• Fair use
• Coming next month
• Jon and Archie twat about on social media
• The team says goodbye until next month

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