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Monday, 17 June 2019



The Raz Band / # 9 - CD review

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June 17, 2019

By Markus Kerren
Artist: Raz (The Raz Band) Label: Gonzo Multimedia Music style: Rock
The Raz Band - "# 9" - CD review

Well, the good Michael 'Raz' Rescigno can and most of all just will not let it. The New York City-based musician, singer and composer has been rocking through the clubs of his hometown and neighboring US states for decades and obviously does not tire of it. Although only a bit of great success was always missing, what the American the desire to rock but can not take away. For some years now, Joey Molland (Ex- Badfinger , Ex- Natural Gas ) and Joe Vitale (ex- Joe Walsh , Ex- Stephen Stills , Ex- Eagles , Ex-Crosby, Stills & Nash & Young [sic!]) Always with some more prominent support, which usually can never hurt.

With "# 9" The Raz Band is now - you will guess - their ninth album. And here, too, no great fuss was organized, artistically realized in Nirvana or just once with 37 instruments per song on the shit hewn. On these eleven new tracks dominate two guitars, a bass, a drums, the vocals and the rest is whistled. Okay, on a track Joe Vitale can be heard on the keyboards, but that's free. Now this overall sound may sound a little too meager for one or the other widescreen guitar riff fan, but the good 'Raz'In the meantime, it's no longer about conquering the world. Or the youth. Or even the mass. Rather, the New Yorker celebrates with a lot of desire and fun in the cheeks his (except for the opener "Breadline Love") self-composed songs, which can also be heard very well.

The individual tracks are composed and arranged in a varied manner, vary the tempi and can almost consistently produce fine melodies, which also settle quite quickly in the ear canals. What is not unusual, is the singing, which sometimes seems a bit too monotonous, or can not accomplish too much sound jumps. However, "Let Me Tell You", a rather calmer song with a fine vocal melody and a nice solo guitar, is really great. Even an acoustic guitar track by Jack Bruce ( RIP), from where or from which session that may come. In the fast and funny "Call Me Raz", the bandleader complains that people simply could never pronounce his last name and therefore his nickname was found quite quickly.

"Nipple Town" is likely to be a small swipe towards Los Angeles, while "I Got This" is a humorous announcement of some things that are going to get Raz 'Rescigno's attention. As a bonus, a second (shorter) CD was added to the album, which contains four of the tracks of the studio album in alternative or live versions. There are also three other pieces that (like the four titles before) do not have an optimal sound, but are partly created live on stage or in the studio and therefore seem a bit more lively. In conclusion, you can say that even if not everything is gold that shines, there are still some cool rock songs to discover. Certainly interesting for rock fans,

"# 9" has become a good, cool rock album. Not much, but not less.
Line up The Raz Band:

Michael 'Raz' Rescigno (guitars, vocals)
Jeff 'Hutch' Hutchinson (drums, vocals - # 6)
Jim Manzo (bass)
Joey Molland (guitars, vocals)


Dr. Billy Lemas (vibes - # 1)
Carla Olson (background vocals - # 2)
Joe Vitale (keyboards - # 7)
Jack Bruce (acoustic guitar - # 7)
Anthony J. Rescigno (drums - # 8)
Tracklist "# 9":
CD 1:

    Breadline Love
    I got this
    In The Meantime
    Coming at you
    The Winds Of Time
    Let Me Tell You
    Call Me Raz
    The Times Together
    Nipple Town

CD 2:

    Coming at you
    Nipple Town
    The Winds Of Time
    The boy
    Say Ya Love Me
    Back In The Shadows

Total playing time: 41:09 (CD 1), 26:06 (CD 2), release year: 2019

No. 9
CD - £9.99

The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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