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CHRIS THOMPSON: Polish review

Another rather charming foreign review which I am reposting just as I got it..

Author: Arthur Chachlowski

Chris Thompson? Who is he? The less oriented to say that for sure you have heard his voice many times, even listening to the radio and zaśpiewanego his timeless hit "Blinded By The Light" Manfred Mann's group Earthband. Not only does this hit has made ​​it his "two cents". "Spirits In The Night", "Mighty Quinn", "You Angel You", "Do not Kill It Carol" and "Davy's On The Road" - this is only the first bank of the examples provided by the Mannfreda Mann and a team of great hits. Chris has worked with this audience as from released in 1976, the famous album "Roaring Silence", and then, already in the 80s, he headed his own group, Night. It should also know that our hero took to the famous album Jeff Wayne's "War Of The Worlds", where he sang a song (a big hit on the lists in the UK in 1978) Pt. "Thunder Child".

Now, Chris Thompson recalls a concert release titled "Berlin Live & Live At The Colos-Saal." It's bloated tomiszcze, which consists of two CDs and a DVD disc, is a fantastic concert review of his work and still przeogromnych possible stage. The main part of the material contained on this album is Thompson's performance, accompanied by a team in the Berlin Radio 88.8FM June 4, 2011 year. The two silver discs CD is a complete record of the two-hour concert presented reportedly on a scale of 1:1, with no overtime and additions. Listen to this great. Repertoire, performance, live audience's reaction - it all adds up to a really great musical feast, which we can experience hearing these great songs performed. 12-minute version of "Blinded By The Light" simply crushes. Games played as an encore, "For You" and "Questions" are harming. But earlier, before them, we have a real festival of the best songs from the rich repertoire of Thompson and Mann's Earthband Mannfred.
Complementing this radio show is a visual record of the concert pieces in January 2011 in the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg.Unfortunately, technical problems prevented the documentation of this performance as a whole. On the DVD so we get only 7 songs "rescued" by technicians treatments (such as "Do not Kill It Carol", "Martha's Madman" and "Whole Lot To Give"), plus a few recordings registered by the fans, plus interviews with Thompson and members of his team, which was provided just before the show in Aschaffenburg.

What else can I say about this release? Just because I recommend it with all my heart - that's for sure. And properly so, because the rest is music. Thompson's music and voice speak for themselves. Speak for themselves. Arms without any error. Probably because we are dealing with the professionalism of the highest quality. Let us at the end of the names of the musicians who accompanied this great singer's concert in the implementation of the project. The Mads Eriksen plays guitars, keyboards Gunnar Bjelland, Frank Hovland on bass, and drums Zsolt Meszaros (in the Berlin radio) and Steinar Krokstad (in Aschaffenburg).

Once again I recommend. Album-cudeńko.

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