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Sunday, 24 June 2012

ROGER HODGSON VIDEO: Magnificently uplifting

This is Roger Hodgson, once of Supertramp. I have had these pictures of him on stage, with Gonzo grande fromage Rob Ayling, and Rob's irrepressable son Hunter (who is another one of the ever growing tribe to whom I am Uncle Jon). Nice pictures. But why am I posting them? Well it's not JUST because I can!

I received this yesterday:

Have you seen the new Coca Cola ad with the Roger new version of “Give a Little Bit”? This is a great message that is going out to show the positive side of humanity. And it’s a great opportunity to remind people about Roger Hodgson. Almost 4.8 million views and climbing!

Please take a moment to Tweet it, “Like” it, Share it, and remind people of what you love about Roger Hodgson as a songwriter and his concerts.

"Well, Roger is a jolly good songwriter, and Diet Coke tastes jolly good when diluted with Lidl's budget bourbon, so it was a request to which I was happy to accede." Thats's what I was going to write. Roger is a friend of Rob's and a jolly nnice bloke by all accounts, and I am happy to blog about him.

Then I saw the video, and I was blown away. It is the sort of positive, groovy message that an old anarcho-hippy like me is happy endorse. It is strange that such an uplifting little film comes from the heart of the corporate world. Such a thing gives me great hope on a sunday morning.

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