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Thursday, 21 June 2012

LINK: Martin Stephenson review

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A name I've seen in music papers since back in the days when there was no internet and a weeks reading of Sounds would leave your hands black as night, yet I don't think I've ever actually heard anything he's ever recorded, either solo or with his band the Daintees. Which considering the thirty or so albums he's been involved with over the years is quite an achievement. Not even at the height of their flirtation with the album charts. Mind you that was back in the days when my life was devoted to metal thrashing mad.

So what is this Martin Stephenson and who are his Daintees. Well, turns out to be indie folk / pop with some country / Americana tinges. Which is nice. It's not a life changing album and I doubt that anyone apart from the people who buy Martin Stephenson & The Daintees albums will be queuing around the internet to buy it. But there are a couple of really nice songs, like 'Streets Of San Sebastian' and the fairly rocktastic 'Ready To Move On'. You won't want to listen to 'I'm In Love For The First Time', though. Ever.

The one good thing is that each song does have stylistic variations [c] (which is going to be the name of my soul opera, when I get around to writing it), so you don't get bogged down in one groove or move. If you like the solo work of Mark Knopfler or even the earthier records of Chris Rea, then the folky arrangements and strong arrangements may get your blood flowing. He's on tour all the time, or you could just pop up to teuchter country and visit Ullapool for his monthly residency at The Argyll Hotel. Fact! And not an internet one.

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