Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I haven’t updated in a while, so I wanted to let you all know where I’m at with my music :-) 2012 was an incredible year for me, I released my first full length record and collaborated with some incredible artists in the EDM world. I’m now deep into writing my 2nd album “Ethereal Blues”, a follow up to my debut album “Breathe Me In” which I released last February. Songs like “Black and Blue”, “Always and Forever” and “Treading the Abyss” will be on there. I’ve been adding these song demos to my youtube account so you can hear the evolution of this new album as I go along. 

I’m an independent artist and I don’t have a label financially backing me so I am doing all my record production solo from my home studio. Instead of throwing a Kickstarter like last year to fund my new album, I’ve been lucky enough to get airplay on some amazing radio stations like Sirius/XM Chill and Soma.FM along with licensing my music to various feature films and tv shows. This has allowed me to recycle my earnings back into my work instead of asking you for fan donations. This time, I’d rather present you with the end result and ask for your support then and hope you buy my album. Your consistent enthusiasm and support of my music keeps me going which is why I’m sharing demo ideas with you instead of disappearing until my album is ready. SO if you can bear with the annoying Youtube advertizements (I hate them too), just know the revenue from monetizing my videos help keep me afloat while I keep creating this next record for you.

 I’ve also added all my previous songs from Breathe Me In and A Lullaby for the Lonely along with my artist collaborations so you can stream all my work whenever you’d like. If you’d like to help me in any way, all I ask is that you keep spreading the word about my music and share my videos with your friends. I love you all and wish you an amazing new year. “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around” ♥ 


Breathe Me In
CD - £9.99

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