Monday, 21 January 2013


Once again, whilst pootling about on the internet looking for something else entirely I came across this live review of Galahad from a couple of years ago, and I decided to reproduce it for many reasons, not the least being the smashing picture...

  Galahad, photo by Andrew Lock
As mentioned, to close the festival we had the 25th Anniversary gig of English prog rockers Galahad a band formed in Dorset in 1985 and who have just released the critically acclaimed Empires Never Last album.

The bands roots for me lie in the Genesis/early Marillion type of rock mixed with a symphonic/heavy metal/industrial metal approach.

They certainly took the prize in the visual and theatrics sense over the weekend, with a back screen showing album artwork and photographs spanning their career on a repeating cycle, both before and during the performance.

To add to the theatrics we had lead singer Stuart Nicholson making his stage entrance in bright pink ladies wig and when this was removed stylised face make up was revealed.

In a clever trick vocalist Stuart left the stage and seemed to return in military get up and gas mask however during the number on walked the singer and the gas mask wearer was revealed as one of the CRS guys.

On to the music and two real stand outs from the cracking latest album were Termination and the magnificent This Life Could be my Last...and as this was an Anniversary show they of course visited their back catalogue, including the track Bug Eye from the Following Ghosts album and included in the encores was a version of the Faithless dance classic Insomnia.

A powerful colourful set to mark 25 years in the music business.

What a fantastic weekend of live music thanks so much to everyone involved.

Beyond The Realms of Euphoria
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Empires Never Last 
CD - £9.99

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