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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Today's Gonzo Daily is late

GRAHAM WROTE EARLIER: We're having internet connection problems today, and blog updates will be delayed.

We're currently "working the issue" (as the techies say), so do call back a bit later....

12:50 lunchtime, Thursday

What a Day!! I was up bright and early and feeling relatively sane, and came downstairs with a cheerful spring in my step! OK that last line is a lie; I was shuffling along like an old git propped up on my walking stick as ever, but I had a conceptual spring in my step. I switched on my computer and went online, and managed to download about 2/3 of my emails before the internet connection conked out. It has been intermittent all day until now, but the peculiar thing is that when we telephoned BT, they had no knowledge of the outages. We therefore assumed it was all down to our faiurly ropey equipment, but throughout the day we have been receiving news that everyone that we have spoken to in North Devon, and other folk across the country, even as far abroad as Rob Ayling up in the frozen north have told me that they have also had patchy internet access. How about you guys out in readersville?

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