Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hopeful sign for those with gig tickets for HMV venues

Sadly, my early reaction to reading about HMV's financial woes was not thinking about the 4000 people who might lose their jobs, but rather I wondered about the forthcoming Hawkwind event in Manchester in a weeks' time.

I'd received my ticket in the post the other day, and noticed the venue was descibed as "HMV RITZ" - and so I immediately searched for their site, and rang them up to see what was happening.

I was told the venue had changed hands in December, and the Hawkwind gig was going ahead.

I see their website is now saying:

We would like to reassure all of our customers that this venue was acquired by MAMA and Company in December 2012 and is no longer a part of the HMV Group. We are in the process of removing the HMV name from the venue and from all of our marketing materials.

On the wider front, I generally buy CDs online these days. HMV’s policy of being the "last man standing" when it came to High Street music and film sales has looked increasingly shaky in recent years - there's a touch of "the boy stood on the burning deck" about it.

Well, I can live without High Street CD outlets, though - but too many live venues are closing already.

Other venues have HMV as part of their name, including The Forum - the old Town & Country Club in Kentish Town - so those holding gig tickets for such venues might be advised to do a bit of research before travelling.

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