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Monday, 21 January 2013

LINK: Alan Davey is Celebrating Space Ritual

Readers may be interested to know that an in depth interview with Alan Davey is imminent. Our very own space rocker Graham Inglis is sorting out the details as we speak...

Roadburn 2013 - The Psychedelic WarlordsWe’re excited to announce that The Psychedelic Warlords, configured around Alan Davey, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the best live albums ever made, Hawkwind‘s Space Ritual (released in 1973) at the 2013 Roadburn Festival on ThursdayApril 18th at 013 venue in TilburgHolland.
From the archives of oblivion come The Psychedelic Warlords, and they will play Space Ritual from beginning to end for the first time ever on the European mainland at Roadburn 2013. Great effort has been taken to re-produce the exact sounds of all the instruments from Space Ritual to achieve sonic authenticity and re-create (as close as possible), the genre- and brain-imploding classic in its entirety.
“For me this is my favourite Hawkwind album”, says Alan Davey“So I’m taking great pride in recreating this show to take fans of psychedelic rock back in time for an experience they will never forget.”
Read on...


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