Friday, 15 February 2013

LINK: Return of The Animal Eric Burdon

Eric-Burdon-has-just-released-a-new-album-and-is-preparing-for-a-tourEric Burdon has just released a new album and is preparing for a tour
In a time when all manner of bands are kissing and making up, getting back together for lucrative tours and big anniversary shows, you won’t find The Animals hunting in their old pack.
“I don’t think so!” says Eric Burdon, the voice of House Of The Rising Sun and a clutch of other raw, rocking hits that set the world alight in the early Sixties.

A legal dispute a few years back over the use of the name in the UK leaves him estranged from the band’s modern line-up.
Meanwhile in the West End of London a little-known band called The Animals went into a studio and recorded Rising Sun, in one take!
Eric Burdon
Not that he should worry – at the age of 71, and in the year of The Animals’ 50th anniversary, he has made a clean start.

Having overcome years of back problems Burdon is releasing his first album in six years, has formed a new band and is gearing up for a European tour. “I’ve also got a new houseand a new car,” he chortles in Geordie tones, only lightly tweaked by more than four decades of living in America.

The man whom both Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen credit as a major inspiration has left the hippy backwater of Joshua Tree in the California desert and returned to the coast, just north of Los Angeles. “This was the Animal who was let out of the cage and he’s come back in again,” he exclaims.
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