Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Who is Miss Crystal Grenade?

I have just discovered this young lady, and I think she is jolly good, so expect shameless plugs for her on a regular basis on these hallowed pages. By the way, if you think that you recognise her, you probably do. She was the female vocalist on Steve Ignorant's world tour (or at least the second leg of it), and was last seen holding Igs' hand as they did a tearful version of Bloody Revolutions on stage at the Shepherd's Bush Empire a couple of years back...

MissCrystalGrenade’s avatarThe year is 1892, the place Victorian England. Dim gaslamps lend a cobwebbed ale house a sepia glow. The sound is dull murmurs from blunt mouths, the scent unwashed sweat and sawdust. In the back room of the bar, a strange performance is unfolding, one of horror and beauty as yet to come...

Singer, pianist, freak show personality and melancholic muse, Crystal is a woman wading through existentialist dreams whilst living hand to mouth.

Born with a rare hand deformity that statistically makes her one in a million and logistically means a life of peculiar charm, Crystal scrapes a living through song and chance.

In a world where the past is revoked in all its putrid glory, she clings to piano keys with all seven lucky fingers whilst opening the emotional floodgates. A voice of gentle pain or unapologetic rage, her honesty shall ever prevail. Join her in the search for salvation.

Check her out...

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