Monday, 18 February 2013


Rob Ayling writes: 

"Thom the World poet is an old mate of mine from way back in my history. Even pre-dating Voiceprint, when I was running "Otter Songs" and Tom's poetry tapes and guest appearances with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Mother Gong are well known and highly regarded. It just felt right to include a daily poem from Thom on our Gonzo blog and when I approached him to do so, he replied with in seconds!!! Thom is a great talent and just wants to spread poetry, light and positive energy across the globe. If we at Gonzo can help him do that - why not? why not indeed!!" (The wondrous poetpic is by Jack McCabe, who I hope forgives me for scribbling all over it with Photoshop)


sliding down February,past St Valentine and Mardi Gras
green buds announce the birth of pre-Spring
Cool winds ,blue skies,gardens
paint perfect pictures framed by clouds
Bright chill defines daylight-night means stars and silences
Dreams dance in colored lights and fragrant memories
soon it will be Spring.Green.St Patrick's Day.Festivals
Soon poetry will arise again on lips still winter sealed
Birds will awaken dormant unlocked melodies
Speech will be brief/harmonic.Haiku breaths.Sonnet songs
We are perched upon the edge of articulation
May warmth restore our circulation/end isolation
Bring manifestation to miracle proportions
Allow outdoors to enjoy all elemental perambulations
Entering sunshine as if it were no longer a foreign language on our tongue!

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