Friday, 15 February 2013

LINK: Steve Howe to Host Cross Styles Music Retreat August 19 to 23 at Full Moon Resort in Upstate New York

Guitarist Steve Howe will host the first Cross Styles Music Retreat, an event that takes place August 19 to 23 at Full Moon Resort in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock, New York.
Guitar players of all ages, levels and styles are invited to join Howe and other guest instructors for this music camp; it represents a first for Howe, the Yes guitarist and former member Asia. After a full day of activities, evenings at the retreat will culminate with once-in-a-lifetime jam sessions.
“This year I’m getting back to doing some solo dates, and the Cross Styles Music Retreat is an extension of that,” Howe said. “I'll be enjoying the different things the event will demand of me, as opposed to just doing shows. It's a wider breadth of 'guitarness,' and it indulges me in my singular fascination — the guitar. Hopefully, my team and the audience can do a little mingling and learn more about each other.”
Throughout the Cross Styles Music Retreat, Howe will lead workshops that explore the development and technical aspects of his playing, writing, recording and performing. He also will perform selected pieces and discuss influences and experiences. A Q&A session and meet-and-greet are also planned. Howe will be joined by guitarists Ray Matuza and Flavio Sala, who will provide in-depth advice and analysis to explore and learn from.
“As I'm self-taught and don't read music, I come at doing workshops from a different perspective than many who teach,” Howe said. “I’ll be bringing my experience to the fore through performances, interactions with campers, and daily master classes.”
The camp’s itinerary and guests — including fingerstyle and jazz guitar aficionado Ray Matuza, Italian classical guitarist Flavio Sala, and Martin Guitar’s Dick Boak — reflect Howe’s genre-bridging approach to the instrument.


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