Friday, 22 February 2013

LINK: John Payne interview

How busy is John Payne, and his band Asia Featuring John Payne? Here’s his 2013 schedule: “More videos, more singles, the album release, weekend warrior dates and perhaps a fanfest spectacular with ex-members in Vegas this summer.”
Oh, there’s more: When not leading his own band on the weekends, Payne is set to present a new multi-media show called “Raid the Rock Vault” in Las Vegas, beginning in March. The concert will encompass the entire arc of classic rock, from the 1960s through the 1980s, as presented by a star-filled band that will reportedly include guitarist Tracii Guns.
Meanwhile, Asia Featuring John Payne — a group formed when Payne, after some 14 years of leading Asia, won a court battle to continue despite its founding members’ decision to reunite — has just released the first of what promises to be a number of videos from their forthcoming long player, called Americana.
In this SER Sitdown, Payne discusses his new music, career intersections with the Who’s Roger Daltrey and Ronnie James Dio, and what it was like having to fight to hold onto a band he’d given so much of his life to …
NICK DERISO: The new single “Seasons Will Change” advances a long-awaited new AFJP album for 2013. Tell us more about Americana.
JOHN PAYNE: Americana has been a work in progress for several years. Firstly, it’s been a self-produced and self-financed project but, also due to other projects — and, most importantly, just waiting for the inspiration of the most special songs. I wanted to create the most summarized album of my career, and accept no substitute. We are planning to do as many videos as we can for Americana, culminating in an Americana concert. Expect monthly videos and single releases from us.

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