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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

THOSE WE HAVE LOST: Kevin Ayers (1944-2013)

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  1. The loss of Kevin is an enormous one. He was one of the true eccentrics. I first bumped into him when I was at uni in the late '60s. He'd been performing with Soft Machine alongside Daevid Allen, later of Gong fame. His songs reflected a childlike love of life and perversity. Steve Hillage was at Kent in the same year as me and it was the time of what was later called the Canterbury 'scene' with Caravan and Spirogyra and lots of visiting musos like Hawkwind, Groundhogs and Dr Strangely Strange. They often hung out on the campus for weeks on end. Later, I listened to Kevin's music often, frequently at the behest of my London mate, Tony, who treated Kevin and his music with a reverance usually aimed at the Kevin's contempories, Syd Barrett and Nick Drake.

    A great loss.

    luv n' respect

    Alan (Dearling)



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