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Flash-Review: The Best Of Raz (The Raz Band)

Flash-Review: The Best Of Raz (The Raz Band)

Álbum: The Best Of Raz
Artista: The Raz Band
Editor: Gonzo Multimedia
Year: 2016
Origin: USA
Genre: Hard Rock, Rock ClassCo
Rating: 5.7 / 6
Brief description: After the release of the last studio album, Madison Park , the British publisher Gonzo Multimedia found good idea to inform the younger generations of the past The Raz Band . Hence arises this disc brings together 17 two most subjects live the best moments of the collective. And where you can go through all its phases: the more oriented hard rock , those with predominantly punk rock and even those stages more experimentalist and psychedelics. Anyway, even better are the times that the sax lends his exuberance.
Highlights: Say Ya Love Me, Time Marches On, Back In The Shadows, Cars & Girls, $1.50 For Your Love, What Love Can Do, The Boy
For fans of: Kiss, Slade, The Kinks

1. The Boy
2. Say Ya Love Me
3. Time Marches On
4. Back In The Shadows
5. Merlyn
6. Down At The Gulf
7. Simon Said
8. The Tattoo Song
9. Tough Love
10. Buck-It
11. Naked On The Floor
12. Sitting On My Bed
13. I Said To Myself: Self
14. Cars & Girls
15. $1.50 For Your Love
16. What Love Can Do
17. Searching Forever
18. The Times Together
19. The Boy

Michael Raz Rescigno - vocals and guitars
Peter Wiggins, Randy Anderson, Ruben DeFentes, Joey Molland, Rick Anderson – guitarras
Pat Whisnant - guitars, mandolin, violin
Carla Olson - acoustic guitar
Jeff Hutchinson, Tommy Amato, Marc Drubey - battery
Jim Serpiello - piano
Craig Williams, Stan Kabuki, Paulie Cerra – saxophone
Paul Litteral - trompete
Kenny Miles, James Cleaver, Rick Bozzo, Jim Manzo, Stu Cook – baixo
Joey Molland, Bobby Hayden, Gina Le Carr, Paul Marshall, Carla Olson - vocais
Bob Lorentz, Joe Vitale, Steve Gunner - organ, keyboards, piano

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The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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