Friday, 13 October 2017

200Fish is an art project whose objective is to raise awareness of the biodiversity of the North Sea.

200Fish is an art project whose objective is to raise awareness of the biodiversity of the North Sea.

This project is run by Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell CIC, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, responsible for installing Marcus Vergette's Bell on a Lincolnshire beach and using the arts to stimulate conversations about our coast.

There are about 200 species of fish native to the North Sea. This project is to record their existence through works of art. 
Mindful of the threats to the marine environment, global warming, ocean acidification, pollution, over-fishing and so on, we are inviting a large number of artists each to pick one of the fish species and produce a painting or other art-work therefrom.

If you are an artist, or think you might become an artist, who would like to get involved here's what to do:

Go to our webpage at

1. Pick from the list of North Sea fish a species of your choice.
2. Send us an email telling us which fish you have chosen. We will then add 'Work in progress' against that fish in the list, discouraging lots of people from choosing the same fish.
3. When completed send us a photo of your work and a short biographical note and link to your own website, if any, for publication (if you wish). We will then add that to the fish list.

As the project progresses our list will gradually be transformed into the catalogue for an exhibition which will be staged when getting on for 200 works are completed.

Loosely aimed at Autumn 2018, there is no deadline yet set or date arranged for the exhibition. It will happen in its own time, the project developing at its own pace. That said, inclusion in the exhibition of worthy works is on a first come first served basis. When sufficient works have been submitted we will move to exhibition, so if you want your work included it would be better to act sooner rather than later. There is no entrance fee for submissions and you will be able, if you wish, to offer your work for sale.

To get involved with 200Fish, Send us an email telling us your choice of fish.

So get on, pick your fish, paint your picture!

Biff Vernon,

Secretary, Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company

Tithe Farm
Church End
North Somercotes
LN11 7PZ
01507 358413

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