Saturday, 16 June 2012

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: Probably my greatest achievement

Jon Downes writes....

A few years ago someone asked what the main sources of CFZ funding were, and to my great joy I could honestly say that we were able to earn money dressing little girls as Captain Beefheart!

Once upon a time Richard and I wrote the children's page for a tropical fish magazine and the editor (who is now deceased) tended to be the focus for Richard's and my jokes. For years it was an ongoing joke to insert drug jokes, extreme right wing political references and smut into copy to see if he noticed. We made these references as veiled as we could, and much to my great pleasure, we manage to get quite a lot past the editor.

One of the best was the children's fish costume competition for Hallow'een, when we managed to dress my friend Andy's seven year old step-daughter as Captain Beefheart!

And we got fifty quid for the article!!!!!

I thought that you would all be happy to learn that the people behind Gonzo Daily have such high and noble values!

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  1. Excellent job. I do not regret googling "captain beefheart costume."


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