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Sunday, 10 June 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Hawkwind in Southampton

Graham is back from his trip away, and has video of the Southampton show for you all. Also, our opther roving reporter Davey Curtis was at the Stamford and Middlesborough shows, so expect a plethora of reviews, pix and vids over the next week or so.

Can there be a finer Hawkwind moment, these days? - waiting for them to start with "The Awakening" and expecting them to do a decent job of it. I'd seen the show a week before, in Bridport, and was necking back the lagers, so please don't expect good camerwork here. The sound is pretty good, though, and Mr Dibs does a fine job on this classic narrative that was composed by Bob Calvert in the early 1970s.

This was my first-ever visit to The Brook, in over 37 years of seeing the band. Nice venue, good people, great show. What more can one say.

Clip-posting is LEGAL under Hawkwind trading rules, so if any copyright company scum try to lay claim to this footage with their automated digital thuggery, then they can piss off. SCUM!! -- It's HAWKWIND that have the rights to this footage!

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