Monday, 4 February 2013

LINK: Eric Burdon Talks New Album, Reveals He Likely Won't Be Celebrating Animals' 50th Anniversary

Eric Burdon is back with a brand-new album, ‘Til Your River Runs Dry, which hit stores last week.  The British-born rocker has always been enamored with American roots music, and that love is reflected in the genres he tackles on 12-song collection, including blues, R&B, gospel and New Orleans jazz.  The album has been described as the founding Animals singer’s most personal to date, and finds him musing on such topics as politics, war, religion, romance and the environment.
As the record’s title suggests, the environment is a particularly concern for Burdon, specifically the subject of water — both the lack and the overabundance of it.  The album’s first track and lead single is called “Water,” and Burdon says it reflects his interest in the issue.
“We have to address water and what we do with it, and what we don’t do with it,” he explains to ABC News Radio.  “Who regulates that industry?  What’s in it?  Should it be in plastic?  It’s probably not a good thing to store water in plastic for long periods of time.”
The singer notes that, as someone who’s lived in the California desert for 20 years, it was “only natural” for him to get involved in the issue, adding, “out there you get to really appreciate water.”
Another song on the album, “River Is Rising,” deals with the theme of flooding, which Burdon has observed is a problem more people around the world have become aware of in recent years.  Burdon used the story ofFats Domino‘s delayed rescue from his home after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans as specific inspiration for this brooding gospel-soul tune.
“I heard through friends who lived down there this incredible story Fats being overlooked by the first responders,” he explains.  “They put an ‘x’ on his door and continued on their way, thinking that he was [dead].  But he wasn’t.  He was asleep.”

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