Monday, 26 August 2013

A (not) last goodbye to Mick Farren data-cke-saved-src= src=
What I'm saying is that I don't want a grey world. Or rather, because this is the way it's going, a grey world that's painted day-Glo wild colours. Fuck that, it's just disguising the real situation. I'm wanting a world that's multi-tiered, that has real variety, real levels of difference. I think things will function without theory, we can work out the maths behind the machine later. And I think if you start engagement with politicians then you become a politician — you might as well be Bill Clinton.
Mick Farren interviewed by Richard Marshall, 3:AM Magazine  (2002)  
Mick Farren passed away last July 27, fittingly perhaps on stage.  This is a far overdo obituary.  But then maybe Farren didn't die.  And we have no fetish for death notices.  There are however those who die, and yet don’t leave us.  With Mick Farren, in his music and writing, we celebrate his indefatigable and drunken rebelliousness.  This last will live on in his art.

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