Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Grace Slick: Welcome To Wonderland

"I Know You" - Grace Slick at Gallery 319
“I Know You” – Grace Slick at Gallery 319
LEGEND.  Although one tends to throw around the word a lot in this day and age, one thing is for certain: Grace Slick IS a rock and roll “legend” – an icon whose work in Jefferson Airplane / Starship will be forever remembered and revered by music enthusiasts for generations to come.  At 73, Grace Slick has been retired from the music industry, but is still very much a creative force to be reckoned with.  Instead of a microphone, the paintbrush and canvas has been Ms. Slick’s instrument for creating visual art.  Welcome To Wonderlandis her latest exhibit now on display at Gallery 319 in Woodland Hills, CA., and its a collection of paintings sure to set your imagination in flight.  Based on the work of Alice In Wonderland as seen through the knowing eyes of Grace Slick, Alice and The White Rabbit inhabit the imaginative tapestries like you’ve never seen them before.  In this interview with Grace Slick, we discuss the fine art exhibit now in progress, her unique visions on the classic Lewis Carrol story, the Woodstock Generation, as well as her take on Starshiphits such as We Built This City and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.   And now into the enchanted and mystical rabbit hole we shall go…
How did you feel about your very first art show?
Oh geez, I don’t even remember which one it was. Oh, I wasn’t there! I think it was in the Napa Valley, and it just at one of those fairs they had. I think my agent maybe put three pictures up on little stands and hope they sold. I don’t even remember if any of them sold. I wasn’t there I don’t think for the actual first show. But the first “shows” – it was very interesting for people to buy stuff – cuz I’d do it anyway. I have to! I get kind of nuts if I don’t create something. And I don’t even care what it is. if you told me “I’m sorry, you can’t paint anymore,” I’d say “okay I’d be a set designer.” “I’m sorry you can’t be a set designer” – “okay, I’d be a writer!”  I’ll go through all of the arts, except dancing, because I’m a klutz! But apart from that, I’ll do any of the arts – and I’m not a genius – but I don’t suck either! So I can do any of those things – and will, because I have to! I get crazy if I don’t.
Welcome To Wonderland is the name of the exhibit. What is it about the story Alice In Wonderland that you find fascinating?
Its era for one thing – it was very interesting that he chose to have a little girl – this is Victorian England, which is very straight. There’s no Prince Charming – it’s the only one. Everybody else has a Prince Charming. She does it all herself and that’s a real good message for women! Figure it out yourself first, and then maybe there’s some guy that will come along that you appreciate. But you’ve gotta find yourself out first, otherwise you’re gonna get stuck. Because after about three children, guys get interested in somebody else with a younger, smaller, better looking body. That happens a lot! And you don’t have a job – you don’t have any skills – honey you’re screwed! You’ve got three children and no skills.

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