Thursday, 22 August 2013

Steve Hillage: Live In England 1979
Stephen Simpson Hillage was born on August 2, 1951 in Chingford near London. He studied philosophy and history at the University of Kent in Canterbury. There he met Dave Stewart of Eurythmics yes, and they were in the band that Uriel was baptized, but without much success.

A dozen later, more specifically on February 28, 1979, years, singer-guitarist Steve Hillage again at the University of Canterbury, this time to make. Both on record and in live video recordings And again there was Dave Stewart as a second guitarist involved. The band was completed with Miquette Giraudy (synthesizer, vocals), John McKenzie (bass) and Andy Anderson (drums).

'Live In England 1979 is offered as a CD / DVD to the potential buyer. For the enthusiast, this is a bargain, but I have mixed feelings. We have the first DVD in the charger pushed and you can clearly see that this once were video recordings. We're not there a fuss about it, because the quality was now determined not irritating bad.

To track six (It's All Too Much) are CD and DVD similar. The band is announced by the former legendary "Big L" disc jockey Pete Drummond. Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" starts very promising and it's Dave Stewart that the song keeps on his feet, because Steve Hillage itself is quite amazing to time.

The hyperkinetic Activator '1988 'has a kind of Chuck Berry's guitar intro but soon bogged down in endless pounding party. As a bonus we get a DVD interview from 2006. But there is the CD then two live recordings dating from 1977 and you will not find on the DVD. And precisely those tracks we find the best track back, namely the valve 'Electrick Gypsies', making the package 'Live In England' somewhat true in its entirety above average.

Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99

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