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Friday, 16 August 2013

Yes Guitarist Steve Howe Discusses His Upcoming Music Camp

After Yes wraps up its latest North American tour leg in Indianapolis on Monday, August 12, guitarist Steve Howe will head to New York’s Catskills Mountains to host the inaugural Cross Styles Music Retreat event.  The guitar-themed summer camp, which runs from August 19 through August 23, will be held at the Full Moon Resort in the town of Big Indian.
The retreat will offer a variety of workshops led by Howe and a couple of other virtuoso guitar players.  The Yes star also is planning to perform, share stories about his career and spend time meeting with campers during the five-day event.
Speaking recently with ABC News Radio, Howe explains that the camp isn’t intended just for accomplished musicians.
“We kind of put together quite a friendly, nice package [that] appeals to guitarists…at quite diverse levels of interest,” he notes.  “Either non-playing or playing or just music lovers.”
Among the topics the 66-year-old prog-rock legend will focus on during the festivities are composing, arranging and performing music; Howe’s experiences playing and touring with Yes and other bands; and suggestions on how to balance one’s musical endeavors with a healthy lifestyle and business.
Howe tells ABC News Radio that the campers should expect the instruction at the retreat to be rather freeform and to be less concerned with preconceived rules.
“Everything I’ve done has been inspired because of my experience, not because of some predetermined method,” notes Steve, who is self-taught and never learned how to read music.  “I hated school [and] music was my sanctuary.  Music was my freedom, and…I want to pass on that [learning music] shouldn’t become an arduous, student-oriented [task.]  It should be about spontaneity, creativity and enjoyment.”
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