Friday, 30 August 2013


After many years of musical silence, Judy Dyble , who was the lead singer of Fairport Convention in 1968, gradually returned to the albums devoted to his favorite genre, the folk edition. We recently enjoyed Talking with strangers " , album released in 2009 but who received a wider release earlier this year. Judy Dyble did not throw the helve after the hatchet since it already comes with "Flow and change " , any new delivery of folk dressed. For this album, Judy Dyble is surrounded by a handful of sharp musicians, as it had done on his previous album.Found Alistair Murphy , composer and musician who had contributed significantly to "Talking with strangers" . We find here a co-author of two thirds of good songs"Flow and change" . Another contributor, Simon House , a living legend who played violin with High Tide , Hawkwind and participated in a variety of albums, David Bowie Nik Turner and Robert Calvert Mike Oldfield. He wrote the music first and the beautiful song from the album, "Black dog dreams" .

Jennie Regan, [SIC] singer of All About Eve , also co-wrote a song, always beautiful "Head full of stars" . Notable musicians of the project, include the ever-present Pat Mastelotto , drummer who founded Mr. Mister in the 80s and who participated in the making of albums by Martin Briley, Holly Knight, Scandal, Al Jarreau, The Pointer Sisters, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, Martika, Danny Wilde and even the Canadian prog-rocker Kim Mitchell. A sword, seen. Also emphasize stealth passing guests as Matt Malley(Counting Crows former) or Mike Mooney (of Spiritualized ). With this great team, Judy Dyble proposes "Flow and change" ten calm and collected songs, tinged romance and melancholy. All demonstrated a consistency in style, "Black dog dreams" and "Head full of stars" lifting of the remaining pieces that evolve strongly in an atmosphere of sweet innocence, with the voice of Judy Angel Dyble, which covers all of obvious grace. Gracious, that's what "Flow and change" is certainly.Beautiful and calm, he walks the listener on a slow course lined with crystalline notes, until the final twelve minutes of water "The sisterhood of Ruralists" , aviary air and melodramatic violins. A perfect second part to the recent work of Judy Dyble.

Flow and Change
CD - £9.99

Talking With Strangers
CD - £9.99

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