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Thursday, 22 August 2013

KEVIN AYERS: Album by album

Kevin Ayers - Album By AlbumIn the issue of Uncut dated December 2008 (Take 139), Kevin Ayers talked us through the making of some of his finest albums - including the Soft Machine’s debut, through his collaboration with Brian Eno, John Cale and Nico, his much-loved solo album Whatevershebringswesing, and more.

Interview: John Robinson
Having been one of the architects of the “underground” while a member of Soft Machine, by 1969 Kevin Ayers had decided to follow a still more eccentric calling. Inspired by the endless possibilities of wine, women and song, Ayers embarked on a solo career as a writer of eccentric, uniquely charming music that is as inspirational as it is commercially undervalued. We meet him in his manager’s Notting Hill flat, a remarkably unscathed 64, his charm and his velvet jacket both apparently untouched by the passing time.

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