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Monday, 5 January 2015

ATKINS MAY PROJECT: Chile review translated


Atkins May Project
Empire of Destruction

Album - 2014
Rating 7.5

Atkins May Project , as its title indicates, is the musical project by the lead singer of Judas Priest , Al Atkins and guitarist Paul May , along the same path Atkins and AND , heavy metal band who released three albums during early nineties, then dissolved without much impact. Empire of Destruction becomes the third installment of this duo, consisting of nine songs plus a bonus track.

The truth is that despite the past Atkins and knowing that it is the co-author of some of the early classics of Judas Priest ( Victim of Changes , Never Satisfied , Caviar And Meths ), never interested me delve deeper into his career musical, however this album opened a door to re-discover his work, because it has a handful of worthy hear more detention and providing pleasant moments of entertainment songs.

The main style is here heavy metal, very traditional and classic, adorned with large shares of hard rock, much feeling and husky voice of Atkins , that sounds good with his hard and rough tone, far from what Halford would in Priest subsequently. About the same, ie do not know if the fundamental British had got where they are today if Atkins had remained in the group. Not that bad singing or something like that, not at all-in fact makes it very well- but because if something influenced the greatness that reached bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest , that was the operatic and bombastic style vocalists insignes.

But back to Empire of Destruction and review some of the most outstanding cuts of the plate, among which are World At War , first cut is quite clear northern duo: heavy direct metal, raw, simple and classic, is a quick and very ganchera song with great guitar work and good vocal lines, however, and very unfortunately we note here of the great immediate "but" disc: the sound. With a clearer, not so serious and dark as this sharper production, many of his songs would stand out immediately as major issues.

Next up, The Midas Touch is another of the tracks that left me quite surprised, it is fast and with an air very far Saxon that shines above the rest. Indeed, if they have doubts about the vocal performance of Atkins , a song like this you will notice that there is even some similarity with Biff Byford , both in tone and in form. Great work of Paul May in the six strings, both in riffs and solos, manages to make very clear the technical capacity which boasts over the plate; and I say this fully knowing his past as a guitarist. At least here he looks at many of the cuts.

In Reckless Child may notice some brand that left Atkins in Priest through some tunes, but nothing too prominent and always talking about the early years of the British group. Very good cut in plan mid-tempo, but with some empty spaces in which we keep realizing how bad it sounds, especially the battery, really a shame when it comes to good songs and that otherwise achieved, perhaps, another kind of impact ... who knows.

Another clues that let me recommend is Whisper to the Wind , with a sharp edge epic begins slowly and very intimate, just Atkins singing some phrases accompanied by May 's some environmental keyboards, then enter drums and bass with hard shots , making everything go in crescendo , but rather dense atmosphere. Arriving at the five minute we find a change of pace with guitars reminiscent somewhat more progressive aspect, giving a whole new dimension to the work ofPaul May , who also runs an inspired one, which at the end causes the return the soft slow start sites. After a few minutes, pull the throttle back a bit, reaching a galloping rhythm that gives another dynamic to the song. Worth noting that this is a cut that lasts nearly thirteen minutes, why all these changes of pace are necessary and are appreciated as they form part without doubt one of the great themes of the plate.

To go closing, I tell them that comes a cover of Thin Lizzy for the song Are You Ready (here RU Ready ), correct implementation and experimentation without any surrender. A great tribute to the band disappeared Lynott . As a bonus track we have End of the Earth , cut in a seventies guitar as could be, and a very heavy mist to Hendrix or Cream , and otherwise is remarkable because it is a composition of Rodney Matthews , famed illustrator who has been in charge of the artwork for bands like Magnum , Thin Lizzy , Avantasia , Tygers of Pang Tang , Diamond Head, Asia , Veni Domine , Scorpions and Nazareth , among others. Despite being included as a bonus, the truth is that this is a great close this disc.

That's Empire of Destruction , a job that contains moments that are well worth investing time to hear them. Songs are fun, unpretentious, a traditional heavy metal in full force, but it could have been much better result of having a more appropriate to offer musically sound.


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