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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Molland; Joey: This Way Up

Molland; Joey: This Way Up
Now this is more like it (check out the Demos Old And New review elsewhere for details...); This Way Up an excellent reissue of the 2001 album from the onetime Badfinger man Joey Molland. It finds him in fine form.

Renowned for his early session work with the Beatles, no less, there have been claims that This Way Up rivals any of the solo efforts from the members of that revered outfit. That's a bold claim and one this album could never live up to. However that doesn't stop This Way Up being a considered collection of tracks that could, in style, happily sit somewhere on albums by Harrison, Lennon or McCartney. From that you'll have no doubt that we're in the realms of classy rock with hooks, poignancy and melody. Indeed the likes of "This Must Be Love" could have, with the right exposure, been a chart hit; a gentle Lennon like lilt and considered vocal offering a fine balance between heartfelt emotion, pop hooks and melancholy. While "When I Was A Boy" has more Harrison about it, a slightly edgier feel still revelling in an easy pace and jaunty outlook. As with all of the songs on this album, a sing along chorus is also guaranteed. By modern standards there's little doubt that the area within which Molland works is tame in the extreme and yet for listeners of a certain age (and those with interest in more than the "current" scene) the gentle sway and fragile vocal of "What Else (Nothing)", the rock n' roll sway of "Three Minute Warning" and jangly good times of "A Way To Be" will bring a smile to face.
The advice in my review for Demos Old And New is that it is for dedicated Joey Molland fans only. However with This Way Up I'd suggest the opposite is true. This is solo Molland near his best and there are many songs here that will appeal to those whose memories hark back to simpler, less genre defined days. Fans of Joey Molland and Badfinger will enjoy this album hugely, as will those of the Beatles and their offshoots. Or indeed those simply with a penchant for straight ahead vintage rock with pop sensibilities.

Track Listing
1. Mirrors
2. Happy
3. A Way To Be
4. The Bust
5. This Must Be Love
6. Moonlight
7. Another Honeymoon
8. When I Was A Boy
9. Angels Like Us
10. What Else (Nothing)
11. Tell Me
12. 2 Minute Warning
13. Isn't That A Dream

After The Pearl
CD - £9.99

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Demos Old And New
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SCD - £9.99

This Way Up
CD - £9.99

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