Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Karnataka Secrets of Angels

Karnataka Secrets of Angels

Gonzo Multimedia
How to make symphonic rock attractive to a broader poppubliek? Karnataka has the proven formula again tested on their fifth toss with the sugar-sweet title "Secrets of Angels. It all sounds neatly within the lines, the production is not too bombastic thanks to contributions from an Irish topharpiste and a string section of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Coming from London, the lineup of Karnataka is more international than ever. The English enigma Hayley Griffiths is a soprano with gale force seven - hide on time your crystal in the basement. The Italian guitarist Enrico Pinna can especially Because of You and the title track solo indulge. The melodic bass Welshman Ian Jones and the thundering drums of Frenchman Jimmy Pallagrosi struts symphonic orchestrations of the Turkish keyboard player Cagri Tozluoglu. You would almost suspect that the EU is here with its subsidy policy behind it.
And unfortunately, as the shelf out in the EU, so the artistic stagnation of Karnataka is a given that you can not help but notice. The opening track Road to Cairo may be somewhat embellished with oriental motifs, put it next to the other tracks and everything is more or less interchangeable. Sound walls should strongly support the sentimental vocals, but it sounds as measured and polished that we believe there are few of.
In defense it should be argued that the album goes on intriguing themes: seduction and lust, secrets and betrayal, darkness and division. Nothing human is alien to us, but the message that we can overcome these negative emotions by looking for our inner strength and to continue the fight when all hope seems gone, our already too much thrown to the feet.
Our hope we finally settled on the epic final song Secrets of Angels (about the secrets we carry in our graves). In the wake of Mostly Autumn Karnataka aspires to a synthesis of Celtic folk and melodic prog rock. This twenty minutes there are plenty of times when it definitely works for a wider poppubliek. But though some of the recordings took place in Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, sounds Secrets of Angels' as a formula that lasts too long. No, rather than competitor Mostly Autumn who made ​​the arrest behind him and now enables exciting plates.

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