Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Gregg Brown US review

Gregg Kofi Brown

Rock N Roll and UFOs; The Gregg Kofi Brown Anthology

Review by G. W. Hill

This compilation is tasty. Personally, I wish there had been a bit more range from song to song, but everything here is effective. There is a lot of catchy music. It's very mainstream and rather pop oriented.
Track by Track Review
Chasing Rainbows

There is a bit of an electronic vibe to this song. It feels a bit like 80s music. It's somewhat soulful and very catchy.
How Can I?
Speaking of soulful, this has such a cool groove. There is some funk to the bass line. This is perhaps mellower than the opener, but I like it more. It just feels a bit meatier.
All The Way For You (unplugged)
I like this. The guitar sound is classy and the vocal hooks are accessible. There is a real jazzy kind of vibe to the cut.
Nkosi B
There is definitely a healthy helping of funk in the mix here. It's another classy tune.
Open Up My Arms (unplugged)
An energized piece, this really feels like an alternative rock hit.
This is one of the best cuts here. It's a fusion styled number that's very catchy and effective.
Tender Eyes (unplugged)
Another mellower tune, this is an accessible piece that works well.
This Guy
Here we get another killer funk tune.
Wake Up In The Morning
While this acoustic guitar based cut isn't a big change, it's very strong. It's another highlight of the set.
Whisper In The Wind
This isn't a big change, but rather a fusion-like number that works well.
Listening To You
Here's a cover of The Who featuring the cast of "Tommy." This is a bit on the electronic side. It's too theatrical for my tastes, but it's okay. It has a real dance mix kind of thing going.
Freedom's Ring (unplugged)
Jazz and more are featured here. The vocal arrangement is multi-layered and so cool on this one. There is a lot of world music built into this thing.
Summer Rain (unplugged)
Here we get another mellower piece. I like the vocal hooks on this. It's a strong tune.
Freedom's Ring (the groove mix)
I think I like this version of the song better than the other one. It really does have a great groove.
Take Your Time
This is very much an electronic styled groove. It's cool stuff.
Tricky Situation
A mellower cut, there is a lot of jazz in the mix of this.
Perfect Rainbow (unplugged)
I like this version of the opening tune, too. I'm not sure if I like it more than the other version or not, but it is cool.


Rock n Roll & UFOs Gregg Kofi Brown Anthology
CD - £9.99

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