Tuesday, 23 October 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Strange paranormal activity at the Borderline.

Whilst photographing the wonderful Gonzo Ladies - Kristian Darling (soon to be Lady Fromage) and Liz Lenten (Auburn). A strange enigma was captured by the camera on the frame before the shot that was used on the blog.

Rob Ayling (our very own Grande Fromage) said "I think it is the ghost of Janis Joplin. As Cathy Richardson (Jefferson Starship lead singer) was stood at the merch stand with Kristian and Liz. As Cathy played Janis on Broadway. It could well have been Janis crossing over to have a word. After all, it was such a great scene, a total happening on Friday. I wouldn't be at all surprised in Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia dropped in too to hear Jefferson that night".

Well there you have it. Our very own ghostly paranormal activity happening on the rock and roll super highway.

Rob did go on to say, "The spooks didn't ask for anything. Which is fortunate as we hadn't got a Ghost Rider that night". 

EDITOR'S NOTE: And because it seems to be relevant, and I always liked The Yachts:


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