Saturday, 27 October 2012

LINK: German review of Michael Des Barres

If you feel like snotty rock and roll the old school? Who goes to the Rolling Stones from really, loves the SMALL FACES and omits no Quireboys presence within 500 kilometers? all the feeling now be addressed, have for a treat with "Carnaby Street" by MICHAEL THE BARRES warhorse. The man leaves since the 60's footsteps into the entertainment industry, be it in the Seventies as frontman of the band SILVER HEAD and DETECTIVE, on television as MacGyver's nemesis Murdoc, or an ex-husband of the mother of all groupies - notorious Pamela Des Barres (author of Revelation booklet "In bed with rock gods"), to name a few of his stops on a bustling life. 

Despite prolonged hiatus Des Barres seems to stand still in full creative juices. "You're My Pain Killer" (R'n'R Topic Number 1: ... women!), "Carnaby Street" (formerly, in the Swinging Sixties, when life was really cool) or the suggestively titled "Route 69 "Telling stories of the tracks in the life of a man behind, as the deep folds in Keith Richard's face. The songwriting sits as good as the long frayed jeans on emaciated body-old rocker, the buzzing sound nice dynamic and naturally out of the speakers. A dignified authentic age-structure, to its live implementation could certainly find fallen.

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