Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Continuing the course of offering “old” video sessions of the 60s that were considered somewhat ‘lost”, this time Gonzo MultiMedia presents the eminent psychedelic/progressive rock & roll band The Move. Formed in 1965, the band did cause fuzz around its name with its music and the live performances.

Having released 14 singles, 9 of which were hits… for instance “Blackberry Way” reached the desired #1 position, and 4 full-length albums, they finally called it a day in 1972. The absolute lack of commercial success the band had in the US forced its members to follow different directions. The band had great musicians on its ranks, such as the “odd” multitalented Roy Wood and the well-known Jeff Lynne later, who along with Wood & Bevan formed the famous Electric Light Orchestra after The Move was officially over.

This DVD contains various performances the band gave on the German TV between 1968 & 1971. Surely, it will evoke memories to the old fans of the band and especially to those who lived during that “beautiful and weird” music era. On the other hand, it will give the youngsters a taste of how things were back in the day. The DVD is tasteful, the songs are performed wonderfully, the sound is very good and even the video is quite good, even though it’s not HD as we are used to nowadays.

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