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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

LINK: Jefferson Starship review


Jefferson Starship - Roswell Ufo Festival 2009 ( Gonzo Multimedia) *****

This is absolutely superb! Jefferson Starship fan's ultimate set. This 4-CD set includes everything from this memorable performance. Starting from the rehearsals, going through both sets the band played, and ending with a soundcheck. If you weren't there, you feel like you were there. Every live album should be that insightful.

This was a very special show, and the band invited many guests. Apart from the regular crew that Paul Kantner plays with, we get Pete Sears, Barry Sless, Jack Taylor, Darby Gould, and Tom Constanten. Gould of course used be the main voice of Jefferson Starship before the job eventually fell to Cathy Richardson. It's a real event indeed, and now forever preserved in this recording.

Jefferson Starship delivers all of its hits, and has no problems playing selections from Jefferson Airplane's rich catalog and even digs into Pink Floyd and David Bowie, whose recordings are covered in the set. Considering the spacey nature of the event, it's easy to guess which tunes were covered, and if you didn't guess, well, buy the record!

"Roswell Ufo Festival 2009" is a swell affair. Great show from a band that largely contributed to rock's history. They're still in a fantastic shape, and play their heart out, as documented on the 4 CDs. The release is another slice of a great legacy!
Mark Kadzielawa


Tales From The Mothership - Roswell UFO Festival 3 July 2009
4CD - £15.00

Acoustic Warrior
CD - £0.00

BB Kings Blues Club, Ny, 2007 
3CD - £19.99

Substage, Germany 2005
3CD - £19.99

Soiled Dove
DVD - £12.99

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