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Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective /Live in Gettysburg (2012)

Label: Gonzo Multimedia 
Band Site:
Running Time:  135:00 / 123:00
Reviewer: Harry 'JoJo' de Vries

(out of 5 JoJo's) 

Keys and freak Virtuoso Erik Norlander , known for his many solo works from Asia Featuring John Payne and his collaboration with The Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane, chose all its galactic and science-fiction related compositions from his catalog rerun. These are displayed on the 2CD/DVD "The Galactic Collective ', whereby the DVD includes the associated studio images. He also this track in 2011 live in Gettysburg performed. Its display consists of a ConcertDVD and 2 Audio CDs. Altogether more than four and a half hours of moving pictures and music, illustrated with two well-kept books. For fans of keyboards in general and the Moog Synthesizer in particular, these expenses is an absolute must. All compositions are heavily dominated by keys. Moreover, there is the in-substantiation and an interview added that Norlander immense modular Moog Synth from 1967 shows, which he restored and consists of 20 oscillators. A little technical knowledge is required, all knows Norlander the visual and clear to explain.Norlander seems to me a "workaholic" who almost obsessively with many keyboards busy. And I can imagine there's tastes. The introduction of the synthesizer is indeed already far behind us, but led to a revolutionary change in the music and making music. Not least of symphonic and progressive rock, currents because an empty shell would be without the use of synthesizers and mellotrons. It performs obviously too far to all 67 tracks, including the introductory words and explanations of Norlander by composition, to pass in review. And everything, both live and in the studio, of a high quality. And the band may also be the strong guitarist Freddy DeMarco, the handsome drummer Nick LePar and virtuoso bassist Mark Matthews. Outliers are there as well as the beautiful swirling 'Neurosaur', the impressive response to 9/11 wrote "Fanfare for Absent Friends" and the ten-minute "After the Revolution." Weak tracks I could not discern. The only criticism might be that it all together much and that Norlander usually demands a lot from the listener. But that should not spoil the fun. Viewing and Listening in parts is to be the solution. Norlander with the release of "The Galactic Collective" and all the additional material not only a substantive strongly entirely put down but simultaneously displays an impressive 'documentary' about synthesizers and the value of these instruments the music. That is worth a compliment! Harry 'JoJo' de Vries (09-2012) 

Erik Norlander - keyboards 
Freddy DeMarco - guitars
Mark Matthews - bass 
Nick LePar - drums   
with special guests: 
Lana Lane - choral vocals 
John Payne - guitars, choral vocals 
Mitch Perry - guitars 
ark McCrite - guitars 
Ron Redfield - guitars  

Threshold (1997/2003) 
Into the Sunset (2000) 
Music Machine (2003) 
Stars Rain Down (2004) 
Seas of Orion (2004) 
Hommage Symphonique (2006) 
The Galactic Collective (2012)
Live in Gettysburg (2012)

And check out the dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

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