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Monday, 29 October 2012

LINK: What’s The Buzz? Jefferson Starship – A Very Good Trip (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)

Jefferson Starship with Paul Kantner, Cathy Richardson and David Freiberg, The Bataclan, Paris
Jefferson Starship with Paul Kantner, Cathy Richardson and David Freiberg, The Bataclan, Paris
Jefferson Starship rocked The Bataclan in Paris last night! Lead by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Jefferson Airplane founder Paul Kantner and David Freiberg, a former Jefferson Airplane member and co-founder of the legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service , Jefferson Starship lives on – for all ages. Starship lead singer Cathy Richardson’s driving vocals work perfectly standalone and with the three part harmonies so characteristic of the Airplane and Starship 
Paul Kantner
Paul Kantner
(see our interview with Cathyhttp://blog.horizonvumusic.com/?p=7244). Jude Gold (The Macrodots) plays one mean lead guitar. Chris Smith (The Supremes) on keyboard and drummer Richard Newman let us know beyond a doubt that while they might be behind the front line, they’re not to be put back-of-mind by unleasing late-in-the-show solos.
Cathy Richardson
Cathy Richardson
The Starship blasted off with “Sunrise” followed by “Somebody To Love” and “Fresh Air” (Quicksilver Messenger Service). The show built momentum (crowd slow to start – reminiscent of the 60’s only in that we concert goers were often “docile”… for extended periods), but last night’s crowd did come alive as Starship moved on through “Cowboy on the Run” (Quicksilver Messenger Service), “Get Together” (Youngbloods), “Miracles” and “Wooden Ships” .

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