Tuesday, 30 October 2012


There are now from "The Lost Broadcasts" series so some publications. Recordings of Atomic Rooster , Byrds , Captain Beefheart , Iron Butterfly , John Mayall , Spooky Tooth or Frank Zappa and others are already on the market, as well as the DVD of the group, founded in 1965 The Move.

The rock band had their home in Birmingham and was marked in its relatively short existence of several changes in the line-up. One thing you must realize, however, from the beginning: The Movehad damn much hits in Great Britain and on the continent. Only in the U.S., there was no good response. Stated rather flippant was The Move the opening act of Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO ).Roy Wood , Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan founded ELO and the Bird of Paradise Wood rose after already a year later in ELO from. His musical career was then followed Wizzard .

With many instruments in use was Wood already a multi-instrumentalist. Sun shaped cello, flute, saxophone or even the sound of the oboe Rocker, whose penchant for pop was unmistakable. Who can still remember the same double recorder use in "Curly"? For a DVD of how the Move it is in my age group to a déjà vu experience. Hammer, here is raised by magical hands a samtroter curtain and you're right in the middle of the scene of the Beat Club . At times, the visual effects were amazing psychedelic. This also applies to many numbers of this DVD.

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