Thursday, 25 October 2012

LINK: Lemmy - I’d still be in Hawkwind if they hadn’t fired me

It is probably because I am a great fan of Robert Heinlein and his Future History series of stories, but I am very fond of daydreaming about 'what ifs', and imagining alternate universes where certain events in history didn't happen. One big 'what if' for followers of the eccentric mix of musical styles which can be found on the Gonzo Daily, is 'what if, Lemmy had not been busted on Hawkwind's 1975 US Tour...

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 9: Portrait of musician Lemmy Kilmister from the band Motorhead, backstage during the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards at The Roundhouse on November 9, 2011 in London. (Photo by Rob Monk/Classic Rock Magazine) Lemmy Kilmister. CONTACT: Future Publishing Limited 30 Monmouth St, Bath, UK, BA1 2BW +44 (0)1225 442244,
Still fighting: Lemmy
Lemmy Kilmister was so happy being a member of Hawkwind that he’d still be in the band today if they hadn’t fired him.
He joined the space rockers in 1971, playing bass for the first time during his debut appearance with them. Four years later he was fired after being arrested in Canada for possession of drugs. That’s when he formed Motorhead, the band he’s led for 37 years.
But despite a few personality clashes, Lemmy says he felt at home in Hawkwind.

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