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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Review: Valley Of Shadows (Atkins May Project)

Valley Of Shadows (Atkins May Project)
(2012, Gonzo Multimedia)
Sometimes one gets the feeling that the true essence of heavy metal is disappearing. Not that this means that we do not admire the successive incursions by other sounds or new trends. But, in fact, sometimes feel like listening to a real metal disc, made as send the rules, full of power, speed and melody, booming guitars, voices hoarse and ragged. Well, if you think so, do not waste more time and delight yourself with the new design work that joins the former lead singer of Judas Priest, Al Atkins with guitarist Paul Christian May. Good and bad together? Apparently so! And with great results. Valley Of Shadows succeeds the well received debut Serpent's Kiss and the first two songs immediately put the listener on notice: what is presented here is pure heavy metal, period. Do good. 's Genuine. Forte, loose guitars, superb riffs, fantastic solos and spread a little everywhere. Where there is a little space, Paul May shines! In the duo Bitter Waters soothes, accentuates the melody, feeling loose and let fly, even more, the guitar. Then resume the ridings. Increasingly stronger and faster. Until Messiah comes (Prelude) an instrumental track full of feeling and rhythm in a row Iron Maiden / Judas Priest (incidentally, the names most present throughout the album). By the end are saved two sublime moments: the long Valley Of Shadows, calm, sensual, with a blues feeling and a BRUTAL guitar solo work and The Short Shallowing (Return), also calm, but with clean guitar and create loose a different time from the rest of the album. And the addition of a singer with a voice typically metal with a virtuoso guitarist and full of melodic sensibility, there's a great album, Valley Of Shadows. Absolutely recommended!

One. Welcome To The Nightmare
2nd. No Ordinary Man
3rd. Bitter Waters
4th. Enslaved To Love
5th. The Grace Is Stronger
6th. Harder They Fall
7th. Not Ready To Die Today
Eight. Messiah (Prelude)
9th. Valley Of Shadows
10. The Shallowing (Return)
Al Atkins - vocals
Paul May - guitars

Valley of Shadows
CD - £9.99

The Serpents Kiss
CD - £9.99

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