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What do you mean, this is off topic? It is NOT. Bev Bevan was the drummer with The Move, and Gonzo MM have released a jolly swish DVD of The Move live on German TV as part of the highly acclaimed 'Lost Broadcasts' series. Anyway its a jolly interesting story, because drummers don't often become voice actors. 

Then again Bevan has already proved himself to be multi-talented because his autobiography was pretty swish as well..

Check it out (complete with rather nifty liner notes by yours truly) HERE.

Tony Iommi, 'Iron Man'
Simon & Schuster

It’s time for the holidays and you need stuff to add to your various wish lists. We’re assuming that you’ve already asked for the paperback version ofBlack Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi‘s book, ‘Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven & Hell,’ as we suggested in our official Holiday Gift Guide, but another option is now available. The autobiography has been turned into an audiobook, read by former Black Sabbath / Electric Light Orchestra drummer Bev Bevan.
The Iommi autobiography has received mostly positive reviews from Sabbath fans, who have called it “inspirational” and “fascinating”‘s feedback section. The book has also been praised for capturing the warmth, humor and intelligence of the legendary riff master.
Iommi just announced the availability of the audiobook and expressed his excitement regarding Bevan’s involvement. “Good news, the audio version of my book is now available,” begins Iommi, “taken a bit of time but we’ve all been busy! I had a go myself but wasn’t comfortable when I listened back. Normally you just get an actor to voice it but I didn’t want someone who didn’t know me or the music business so I asked my old mate Bev Bevan (former Black Sabbath / MOVE / ELO drummer) as he already has a radio show and lived some of the chapters with me! I’m really pleased how it’s turned out.”
The audiobook is no short listen, clocking in at 11 hours and 31 minutes, and is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPod, Android and other MP3 players that can store over 500 songs.
To purchase the new audiobook, or any other form of ‘Iron Man,’ click here.

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