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Monday, 24 December 2012

JON DOWNES: A mildly embarrassing blast from my past (Bah Humbug!)

I have just had an email from a person called 'Barry Tadcaster' from Nuneaton. As Barry Tadcaster is a nom de guerre used by my old mate Richard Freeman, who is presently out of range of the interwebs, I have no idea who `Mr Tadcaster` is. He actually may be a bloke called 'Barry Tadcaster' for all I know, but somehow I doubt it. However he wrote me a charming letter congratulating me for all the happy seasonal music that I am posting each day upon the Gonzo Daily bloggything. However, he wants to know, whether I am the Jon Downes "responsible for the best Christmas song ever?" He goes on to say that the lyrics sum up the Yuletide experience for so many people which as they read:
"I've been drinking for days, and I'm throwing up blood, and my skin is beginning to turn blue/but it's the only way I know to survive Christmas..."
I think it is rather unlikely, and that Mr Tadcaster is merely one of my more psychopathic friends, trying to embarrass me. Yes the song, is by me, and was written twelve years ago when I was in a very bad place, and recorded/released two years later when I wasn't in a much better one.



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