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Friday, 28 December 2012

LINK: Yes' Steve Howe Looking Forward to the Band Playing Three of Its Albums on Upcoming Tour

Yes is preparing to hit the road for a unique tour that will feature the veteran prog-rockers performing three of their studio albums in their entirety at nearly every show.  The band will be playing 1971′s The Yes Album, 1972′s Close to the Edge and 1977′s Going for the One throughout the trek, which is scheduled to get under way on March 1 in West Wendover, Nevada.
The tour will mark the first time Yes has performed any of its albums in full since 1973, but guitarist Steve Howe says if he’d had his way, the group would have mounted a similar outing a long time ago.
“I was pushing for it years ago so it’s been kicking around,” he explains to Noisecreep.  “But as a band we thought it would be nice to put all of these albums, which are very near and dear to us, in their full and proper context.”
He notes that the band will be playing the albums’ tracks in the exact order in which they appeared on the recordings, which, he maintains was important “back when people actually sat and listened all the way through a long form piece of work.”

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