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From 1957 to 1964, Paul Buff owned Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga, California. Musicians from all around came to Pal to record, and the studio produced classics like The Surfaris' "Wipe Out." Paul Buff moved to Original Sound Recording Studios in Hollywood and sold his Pal studio to Frank Zappa in 1964. Buff's studio wizardry is legendary, as evidenced by the 156 tracks on this DVD-sized collection. The 40-page colour illustrated booklet discusses all the artists and songs on the set, which includes 58 early tracks with Frank Zappa involvement. The CDs contain reproductions of the original record labels that Paul Buff ran in the early 1960s. Many of the tracks are making their CD debuts, and the original releases of these tracks would literally cost thousands if you could find them!

Tracks: Disc 1 THE MASTERS: Breaktime , JOHNNY BARAKAT AND THE VESTELLS: (Ghost) Riders In The Sky , CONRAD AND THE HURRICANE STRINGS: Hurricane , DINO DUPREE: Ambrosial , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Upside Down World (Stereo Mix , THE WOODY WAGGERS: The Sahara Hop , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Drums A-Go-Go (Stereo Mix , THE GENTEELS: Take It Off , THE HEARTBREAKERS: Everytime I See You , THE RHYTHM SURFERS: Big City Surfer , SONNY WILSON: Troubled Times , THE BONGO TEENS: Baja Bongos (Stereo Mix) , THE DECADES: Louie De Loop , THE PENGUINS: Memories Of El Monte (Stereo Mix , MR. CLEAN: Mr. Clean , THE TRUANTS: The Truant , BABY RAY AND THE FERNS: The World's Greatest Sinner , PAUL BUFF: Blind Man's Buff , THE THUNDERMUGS: Mr. Z's Backyard , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Walkin' Out , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Sunshine Girl (Stereo Mix) , THE BONGO TEENS: Baja Rhythm , BOBBY RAY: Three Months , THEE SIXPENCE: Fortune Teller , THE BISCAINES: Pachuko Hop , THE DECADES: The Phantom Strikes Back , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Can't Stand Up , FRANK ZAPPA AND STEVE ALLEN: Cyclophony , Disc 2 CITY LIMITS: Dirty Ways , PAUL BUFF: Cause I Love You , THE PAL STUDIO BAND/ALLISON BUFF: I'm Losing Status At The High School , THE MASTERS (RONNIE, JOHNNIE AND PAUL): T Bone , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Never On Sunday (1961 Version , SONNY WILSON: Lonely Nights , THE BISCAINES: Menagerie , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Masked Grandma , THE MASTERS: Under The Earth , RENE AND RAY: Queen Of My Heart , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Tijuana (Single Mix) , BRIAN LORD AND THE MIDNIGHTERS: The Big Surfer , NED & NELDA: Hey Nelda , JOHNNY FISHER: Tell Me Yes , MR. CLEAN: Jessie Lee , PAUL BUFF & RAY COLLINS: Deserie , CITY LIMITS: One Look , THE DECADES: Lonely Drummer , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Fuzz Instrumental (Stereo Mix) , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Sunset Strip (Stereo LP Version) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Why Don't You Do Me Right? (Demo) , THE ROTATIONS: The Cruncher , THE VELVETEENS: Dog Patch Creeper , THE RHYTHM SURFERS: 502 (Like Getting Pinched On A 502) , THEE SIXPENCE: Heart Full Of Rain , BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Mr. Waters (The Judge) , SHAPES OF SOUND: In Too Deep (Stereo Remix , THE CORDELLS: I Love How You Love Me , HUNGER!: Workshop (All-American LP Version - Edit) , BOB GUY: Dear Jeepers , Disc 3 THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' , THE PHAROS: Pintor , THE BISCAINES: Blue Skies , THE TRACERS: Who Do You Love , BABY RAY AND THE FERNS: How's Your Bird , BOBBY RAY AND THE GENTS: Make You Feel Like Livin' , SONNY WILSON: I Ain't Giving Up Nothin' , CONRAD AND THE HURRICANE STRINGS: Sweet Love , THE HEARTBREAKERS: Cradle Rock , DINO DUPREE: Little Princess , PAUL BUFF: Slow Bird , THE MASTERS: Toothpick Boogie (Stereo Mix) , JOHNNY BARAKAT AND THE VESTELLS: Jezebel , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Go-Go Music , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Cookin' Turnips , THE MASTERS: Sixteen Tons , RON ROMAN: Love Of My Life , THE BONGO TEENS: Surfin' Bongos (Stereo Mix) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Waltz , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Summer Avenue , THE FRIENDLY TORPEDOES: Citizen Fear (Final Mono Master) , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Grunion Run (Stereo Mix) , THE TRACERS: One Of The Crowd , SHAPES OF SOUND: Twisted Conversation (Single Mix) , STRAWBERRY SAC (aka CRYSTAL CIRCUS): In Relation (LP Mix) , THE THUNDERMUGS: Captain Midnight , FAT DADDY HOLMES: Where Yo Is , HUNGER!: She Let Him Continue , THE DECADES: Dance Forever More , FRANK AND THE WOODY WAGGERS: Three Guns , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Original Sound Tag , BOB GUY: Letter From Jeepers , Disc 4 THE MUSIC MACHINE: Mother Nature - Father Earth , ARTY & THE SUPREMES: Hombre (First Single Version) , JOHNNY FORTUNE: I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me) , BOBBY RAY AND THE GENTS: My Brother , MR. CLEAN: Mr. Clean (Alternate Mix) , THE MASTERS: Rolling Blues , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Love Of My Life (Piano/Bass Intro) , THE PENGUINS: Memories Of El Monte (Single Mix) , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Hollywood A-Go-Go (Stereo Mix)THEE SIXPENCE: In The Building , FAT DADDY HOLMES: Chicken Rock , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Any Way The Wind Blows , MEL MOSS: Zing Zoing , THE BONGO TEENS: Blue Skies (Stereo Mix) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Love Of My Life (Original Version) , PAUL BUFF: She's Got A 60 Cycle Brain (Single Version) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Sun Dog , BUDDY AND THE CRICKETS: It's Gonna Work Out Fine , THE FRIENDLY TORPEDOES: Nothing's Too Good For My Car (Stereo Mix) , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Grunion Run (Single Mix) , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION WITH BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Studio 'A' (Version 8) (Stereo Mix) , RICKY DEAN: Flowers (Stereo Single Mix) , SONNY WILSON: My Proudest Possession (Demo Version) , THE ROTATIONS: Heavies , THE RHYTHM SURFERS (THE PHAROS): Steel Wheels , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Cucamonga Surf , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: North Beach (Stereo Mix) , SHAPES OF SOUND: Lost Weekend , THE THUNDERMUGS: Motion Tree , BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Egocentric Solitude (LP Mix) , STRAWBERRY SAC (aka CRYSTAL CIRCUS): Things We Do (The Difference Between) , HUNGER!: Mind Machine (All-American LP Version) , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: WXDT Jingle (Mix 2) , THE ROTATIONS: Like Surf (Fragment) , DISC 5 THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Stereo Mix) , BUDDY AND THE CRICKETS: Jezebel , THE CORDELLS: Happy Time , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Straight Ahead , NED & NELDA: Surf Along With Ned & Nelda , JOHNNY FORTUNE: The Battle Of Jericho (Take 2) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Love Of My Life (Alternate Version) , SONNY WILSON: True Love , THEE SIXPENCE: Long Day's Care , SHAPES OF SOUND: Is It Love (Stereo Mix) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Sun Dog (Alternate Take) , INDESCRIBABLY DELICIOUS: Brother, Where Are You (Single Version - Stereo Remix) , BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY: Prevalent Visionaries (LP Mix) THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: The Land Of In-Between , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Why Don't You Do Me Right? (Alternate Demo) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Smoky Night , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Fountain Of Love , PAUL CONRAD (PAUL BUFF): Chocolate Milk , THE MASTERS (RONNIE, JOHNNIE AND PAUL): Sunday Blues , THE THUNDERMUGS: Rooms Of Laughter , THE BUFF ORGANIZATION: Chains , RONNIE AND THE CASUALS: One Degree South , LARRY GEE: Cruisin' Mainstreet USA , THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS: Grunion Run (Alternate Mono Mix) , RICKY DEAN: I'll Never Love Another (Stereo Single Mix) , BIG BROTHER FEATURING ERNIE JOSEPH: Heart Full Of Rain (Stereo Mix) , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Cucamonga Surf (Alternate Take) , THE FRIENDLY TORPEDOES: So Long Ago (Stereo Mix) , GIANT CRAB: E.S.P. (First Single Version - Stereo Mix) , ART NOUVEAUX: Extra-Terrestrial Visitations , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: High Steppin' , THE PAL STUDIO BAND: Never On Sunday (1963 Version).

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