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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Des Barres interview (Part Four)

I always enjoy talking to Michael Des Barres; he has a ridiculously hectic schedule, and does some fascinating things, but his underlying philosophy is very similar to mine. The other afternoon I had two film directors here, they were talking to Corinna and me about a film project based on our monthly webTV show On The Track. In the middle of this my housekeeper Helen and her irrepressible daughter Jessica (to whom I have been Uncle Jon for most of her life) arrived, and then - with all this madness around me - I telephoned Michael.

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JON: I’ve got one last question. On Friday next week the world is supposed to be ending

MICHAEL: But this is the mass media – fear-driven mass media … let me tell you this little story.  It’s exactly the same as Lindsay Lohan is dying, it’s the same crap we are being force-fed by weak-kneed servants of corporate America.  What the Mayans were saying was change

JON: Exactly

MICHAEL: If you look at the tarot deck and you go to the death card you don’t have a fucking heart attack

JON: No you don’t it means a new beginning.  There’s a friend of mine who made a documentary out with the modern Mayans a couple of years ago and he spent 9 months living with Mayan communities in Guatemala and he got very friendly with two of the tribal shamans, and they said yes something is going to happen, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of something new.

MICHAEL: Big shifts, new shifts, new consciousness – I am all for it.  I applaud it, I can’t wait.  And you know I think that is because people’s consciousness is changing along with the energy…. I tell you what I saw, which you probably saw where Professor Brian Cox’s work. Are you familiar with that?

JON: Yes

MICHAEL: He would say the same thing about the Mayan stuff, it’s a shift in energy and  the end of the world is such a farce – it’s like you are literally putting out a disaster movie.  It’s absurd and exploitive

JON: I think there might be a change of consciousness.  I think something might happen – it’s not going to be the end of the world, it’s not going to be anything physical, but I think something spiritual…

MICHAEL: No question. I agree.  And that is the only revolution that is going to make any sense. The non-violent violence, you know. That is what I have been espousing for the last couple of years, which is the only way to change is to change.. you.  This morning shooting in Connecticut elementary school.  Every day in this country there is violence.  This Mayan adventure is about spiritual awakening.

JON: I’ve never known a year for music  not for 25-30 years.  There have been so many good records, it’s almost like we are building up to something. It is like it has been building up to a crescendo.  Have you heard the new Neil Young album?

MICHAEL: Nope I have not.  I haven’t heard Neil’s album.  I reviewed his book though which was not the greatest exploration of his life but I love him dearly.  Talk about someone who has stayed in what is happening but I will get it and listen to it. 

JON: There’s been two new ones this year from him, and the second called Psychedelic Pill is really, really good.  I would recommend that. Not as good as Tempest, but what is as good as Tempest?

MICHAEL: Neil never lets you down

JON: Even when he does something completely and utterly off the wall and almost unlistenable to he doesn’t let you down.

MICHAEL: I love it when he does that.  You know he’s not scared – he’s a musician he’s not a brand. He’s a spokesperson, he’s a poet. A leader

JON: A bit like you Michael

MICHAEL: That’s right.  I’m going to take all those young, goateed, bearded hipsters and get to heaven.

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