Thursday, 20 December 2012


Rob Ayling writes: 

"Thom the World poet, is an old mate of mine from way back in my history. Even pre-dating Voiceprint, when I was running "Otter Songs" and Tom's poetry tapes and guest appearences with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Mother Gong are well known and highly regarded. It just felt right to include a daily poem from Thom on our Gonzo blog and when I approached him to do so, he replied with in seconds!!! Thom is a great talent and just wants to spread poetry, light and positive energy across the globe. If we at Gonzo can help him do that - why not? why not indeed!!" (The wondrous poetpic is by Jack McCabe, who I hope forgives me for scribbling all over it with Photoshop)

Remember y2K?Remember those Millennial Christians
predicting THE END(and amending dates as required)?
Remember Mormons storing food rations in bomb shelters?
Recall the Nostradamus wave of prophecies construed contemporaneously?
Remember Waco?David Koresh?The burning of his bunker to the ground?
While folk are getting their rocks off on the Apocalypse
we be making Rapture with Sacred Sounds.
LEVITATE NOW(and avoid the rush!)-bumper sticker philosophies
crowd novelty stores.Every Tsunami predicts End Times.
Yet this Earth has had atomic testing,water fracking,earthquake splitting
and constant and compounding abuse of every element.Yet -here we are!
there are no guarantees.We all see death in every mirror.Yet-every morning-
another gift of time arrives on our doorstop heart.It is a conditional gift!
It requires vigilance,nurturing,love and respect.Do these!Avoid death!

Julian Calendar for Christians,Moon Calendar for Wiccans
Augustan Calendar for Romans,desk calendar for office workers
Maya still exist in Guatemala and Chiapas
Romans still exist (although now called Italians)
Christians still exist(though divided in many factions)
and our moon still exists for more than pagans
waves rise in adoration (for her pull is gravitational
cycles and seasons within women (menstrual
lunatics were so named for the moons' effect on all
almanacs plant in moon season cycles directional
Divide one world via religion,wars and borders
Moon will not obey-she still beams above us all
And when you land a flag upon her face
You still have to leave-as yet no moon base
Moon still cycles round one sun
as it has from before the dawn of our sidereal time
Endings are such artificial constructions
Watch the moon tonight!She will illuminate all seasons!
Water knows!Sea of Tranquility was named for a reason!
let the End Of the World come for calendars of Mayans
Let Moon men and Women spin in cycles ad infinitem!

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