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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

ATKINS/MAY: Spanish review


Critique of ATKINS MAY PROJECT CD - Valley Of Shadows

JANUARY - 4-2013

ATKINS MAY PROJECT - Valley Of Shadows
ATKINS MAY PROJECT - Valley Of ShadowsThe English singer Allan John Atkins , better known as "Al" Atkins, will always be remembered for being one of the founding members of one of the longest-lived and most successful bands in the history of heavy metal, Judas Priest teachers. As the story of the legendary British group, Atkins was with guitarist KK Downing and bassist Ian Hill, responsible for the creation of Judas, and the author of some of the issues that made the album "Rocka Rolla", which finally Rob Halford singing end because Atkins was forced to leave the band, due to the necessity of having a day job to support his family.
Despite having to leave JUDAS PRIEST, Atkins continued linked to the world of music, and formed a new band under the name Lion. Later in the 90s, published some work as a solo artist. Later the singer decided to embark on a new adventure with the collaboration of renowned guitarist and producer Paul May , shaped together in 2011 to "Serpent Kiss", and are now returning to offer this new work under the name of "Valley Of Shadows". 
After a first job as his previous "Serpent Kiss", and taking into account the biography of Atkins, it seems clear that the material in this "Valley Of Shadows", must be clearly heavymetalero, but the fact is that the sound of disc is quite strong and contemporary, thanks largely to the work of Paul May has been who is responsible for inspection, even so, one of the weaknesses of the album is the sound so cold and mechanical rhythm.
Entering a little deeper into the musical content of "Valley Of Shadows", the album opens with the powerful "Welcome To My Nightmare", an excellent letter, where the couple Atkins / May, metaleras clearly show their credentials, shaping a quick cut and dynamic riffs backed bodied and full of punch, for which Atkins shows a robust and powerful tones, away from the garish tones, in a record that exudes strength and personality, along with a melodic developments by May's guitar, which will lead to an ending theme rapid and intense development sprinkled with drawings and soloists. With a more conventional pace and drinking directly from more traditional sources of hard rock, and including a little wink "bluesy", the raucous "No Ordinary Man", a compact and resounding halftime, in which we found a Atkins that leverages its most serious tones, claw printing the subject, before May's guitar is responsible for dragging us into a virtuous and extensive solo part.
"Bitter Watters", is considered one of the most extensive cuts from the album, and plunges us into changing atmospheres, from a start featuring acoustic guitars, which will lead to an intermediate development marked by a mechanical rhythm and based repetitive riffs sharp and incisive than be interrupted by the sporadic appearance of acoustic, all framed in the coldness of a rhythm emotionless and that fails to transmit, subtracting much feeling to the subject, resulting in a topic naturally and worked but lacking emotion. Far more inspired, is "Enslaved To Love", a part-time full of intensity with guitars that ooze density and cadence, giving the court a room air, full of melody, in which Paul May, and has introduced multiple effects pedals cut their guitars giving it a very current and the most contemporary approach.
The strength and emphasis of "Stronger Is The Grace" serves as proof that the duo, Atkins / May, also knows getting tough and powerful when needed, and it is here where we can see his most direct and sugarcane, facing a composition in the fast pace that show her more clearly rocker, a subject on which leave out the rhythm changes, the extensive development of guitar and dense atmospheres, to focus on the immediacy and simplicity of a whiplash concise and precise. The aroma English Genuine metal, containing these genuine and catchy guitar melodies, sweat through the pores of the awesome riffs from "Harder They Fall", a funky up tempo, which gradually grows in intensity until it became one of stronger cuts and complete the album, which features a catchy chorus and very marked by the blunt and abrasive end rotunda led by battery. 
Guitars with a festive and casual are charged with leading the "Not Ready To Die", a piece that serves as vitalist statement, distilling that ochenteno and funky hard rock, full of melody and force, at half time with a very accomplished and catchy choruses, along with a new exercise in virtuosity of Paul May. Sounds more representative of the NWOBHM, manifest during performance of "Messiah (Prelude)", an instrumental piece right where May's guitar shines remarkably, in a succession of harmonies that will make you remember the first Maiden instrumentally, with these increases in intensity of the rhythm that will be topped by these developments so characteristic of English metal within the late 70s and early 80s.
While in this "Valley Of Shadows", the main characters demonstrates his versatility and seniority when moving through different styles within the rock, facing more than acceptable, issues with metal shield or rockers, the truth is that personally one of the topics that caught my attention on the disc, the title track to the album "Valley Of Shadow", an extended cut, which exceeds eight minutes long, in which the atmosphere relaxed, and guitar May bluesy, give a special air and moving to a composition 'in which Atkins sings masterfully exploiting their rough voice to convey emotion and feeling. Continuing with the relaxed rhythms "The shallowing" is chosen to close the album, a slow piece where environmental and acoustic guitars to speak up again while Atkins, opt for a more relaxed and melodic record, which will serve to put the heading these 10 cuts.
It is always appreciated when musicians with experience and seniority of Atkins, decided to bring out new material, while some of his generation, continue to exploit the vein of his early years, the English singer is shown open when experiment with new sounds and influences, but without ever losing its identity, which is why the union with Paul May I think it was highly beneficial to both. Anyway, just want the anime vocalist to start a band to defend these songs live, because I really think deserves much worth to see live a vocalist who sadly had to get off of Judas, before the destination attract success on the formation of Birmingham.
  1. Welcome To The Nightmare
  2. No Ordinary Man
  3. Bitter Waters
  4. Enslaved to Love
  5. Stronger Is The Grace
  6. Harder They Fall
  7. Not Ready to Die
  8. Messiah (Prelude)
  9. Valley of Shadows
  10. The shallowing (Return)

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