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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


judy1For many years and for many people, the name of Judy Dyble had been a mere footnote in the history of British rock – what with her fronting the first line-up of FAIRPORT CONVENTION and playing a significant role in the formation of KING CRIMSON, and that’s without mentioning the cult classic which is the only album by TRADER HORNE, a band she was a half of. Then, in the early ’70s, Dyble decided to quit music and dedicate herself to family, and it’s the same dedication which, for the last decade, sees Judy stomp her footnote status and smash it with a string of highly immersive albums. Arguably the best of them, "Talking With Strangers" – or, to be precise, its American release – restored the chanteuse’s glorious connections and led to this conversation but, during its laughter-strewn course, it became clear that Judy Dyble had a new record ready,"Flow And Change". All the more reasons to get behind the sounds to see a person hidden in the notes.
- How’s been your day, Judy?
Good. I’ve just cleaned the entire computer desk and half the room, so I’m feeling very noble. (Laughs.)
- So let me quote this from TRADER HORNE’s cover: “Judy Dyble is a semi fairy tale character”…
Yes, [it's by] the lovely Brian Patten. Do you know his works? He’s a very well known British poet; he was a part of The Liverpool Poets, with Roger McGough and Adrian Henri. He was also in GRIMMS, which is the ’60s band with Andy Roberts and various other people, but he’s an absolutely wonderful poet. And he happened to be living in the flat next door to me, and I asked him to write sleevenotes, and he wrote this lovely thing. (Laughs.)
Flow and Change
CD - £9.99

Talking With Strangers
CD - £9.99

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